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W8 (2023)

Calling upon imagery derived from personal experiences as an African American male and Greek mythology, this solo performance asks audiences to consider the weight of it all.

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A Moment (film, 2023)

This screendance was directed, filmed, performed, and choreographed by Snack Break Movement Arts. Through the utilization of poetry by Raphael Xavier, the film aims to shift the audience's perspective away from spectacle and exhibition, and towards the nuance and artistry of Breakin.' 

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Secret Code (2023)

Inspired by the unspoken, universal language of the Fibinocci Sequence, a secret code lies embedded in the structure of this work and the language of Breakin'. 


Tell Me I Belong (2023)

Inspired by a poem written by Yemeni poet and scholar, Saba Hamzah, this work follows the jouney of a woman's experiences with anticipation, heartbreak, and finally, reclamation. 

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Truth Or Dare (2022)

“Truth or Dare” is a work that re-considers an old game, challenging the social binaries that are implicit in Emily and Josh's mutual stage presence. With playful text and audience participation, the show asks performers and audience members to consider the revealing nature of vulnerability, the visceral nature of participation, and the consequences that come along with choosing a path.

The Framework (2021)

"The Framework" was developed during an artist residency at Franklin and Marshall College. Set on the students of the dance department, this work utlizes the personal stories of the dancers to create a foundation that builds upon itself. 

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Chained To A Dream (2021)

As a part of a series, this work delves into the dreamscape of the artist-performer's mind, where success lies on the other side of awakening. This piece asks audiences to consider the sacrifices of choosing a path to follow one's passion.

Lines and Scribbles (2021)

As a part of a series, this performance situtates audiences in a dream-like vision depicting the performer's struggles with insanity and confict on a non-linear path towards achieving his goals. 

Submission (2018)

This duet chronilogically follows Depression (2017). Premiered at New York Live Arts, this duet shows the relationship between two male dancers as they naviagate a path of acceptance and pushing forward. 

#turnitoff (2023)

This ten minute solo is a sociopolitical call to action aimed at white women in the United States. It is an auto-ethnographic work that utilizes digital media, text, and dance to reflect the archetypes white women have been socialized to harness to maintain a perceived sense of power while in collusion with their own oppressors.

JACKed: An Experiement in Liberation Practices (2023)

This performance ritual asks performer-participants to explore and excavate their individuality in real-time. More specifically, it asks how conversance with joy and personal identities carry power and more significant meaning to the experience and connectivity of the collective.

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To Myself, 10 Years Ago (2023)

Inspired by a poem by novelist Lang Leav, this work is a physicalized reflection of managing changes issued by the artist's experiences in womanhood. 

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Captain's Log (2023)

Snack Break Movement Arts presents "Captains Log: A series of performance sketches." Inspired by the popular TV series " The Twilight Zone," two performers utilize elements of theater, text, and dance to invite audiences into different worlds requiring further investigation. 

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Mozart's Concerto No. 4 (on the floor!) (2022)

Set on the Georgian Court University Dance Company, this work follows a female dancer's character embodiment of Mozart, who is journeying to discover his truth through embracing club culture. 


Rock, Paper...(2019)

Winner of Summer Dance Forever's duo category competition in 2022, "Rock, Paper..." utilizes the depiction and practice of popular, American childhood games as a means to explore and incite new understandings of human relationships through metaphor. The piece implores the dancers and audience members to consider the consequences of choice, power dynamics, and the revealing nature of vulnerability through the lens of street dance choreography and improvisation.

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I Didn't Say Those Things For Nothing. (2019)

Utilizing live spoken word and street dance theater, this solo performance follows an arc of contemplation on identity, intersectionality, and overcoming shame.


Depression (2017)

This duet depicts two male dancers standing in solidarity with one another as they slowly succumb to the weight of the tasks laid out before them. 

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