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"A Moment" is a film produced, directed, and danced by Snack Break Movement Arts. Iowa City, IA, 2023


Artists Emily "Lady Em" Culbreath and Joshua "Bboy Supa Josh" Culbreath are Snack Break Movement Arts, a performance duo specializing in event curation and interdisciplinary performance works inspired by street dance. Respectively, Emily and Josh are rehearsal and assistant artistic directors for the renowned street dance theater company Rennie Harris Puremovement and recently held positions as adjunct faculty at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. They are both graduate fellows of the University of Iowa's dance program in the MFA choreography track. Snack Break's duet entitled "Rock, Paper..."  was recently included in San Fransisco International Hip Hop Dance Festival's 25th-anniversary program and received the award for "Best Duo" at Summer Dance Forever's online theater competition in 2022, for which they performed the duet live in Amsterdam, NE at Summer Dance Forever's 2023 event. Snack Break holds ongoing curated events for Philadelphia's local street dance choreography scene, a live performance series entitled "Somethin' 2 Snack On."  Snack Break seeks to pay homage to the integrity of African-American vernacular dance while also challenging the way audiences consume street dance through the utilization of theatrics, the concert stage, multi-media, and contemporary movement practices. They aim to build community through the power of storytelling and the excavation of intersectional identities. 

"We really loved that duet because it was a beautiful relationship that we saw, I think the dancers themselves, we could see that they had a real connection, and that's what really sold it for us." 
-Jonzi D 

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